Xtreme Tea Brews 90 g, 2 Pack

Xtreme Tea Brews 90 g, 2 Pack
  • Comprised of vermicompost and humus
  • Packed with healthy soil microbes
  • Easy to Use and easy to Brew
  • Helps break down orgainic matter
  • Helps to release nutrients in plant available forms and help protect plant roots from pathogens and disease

With Xtreme Tea Brews, it is easy to brew rich, beneficial compost tea at home! Gardeners simply add a 90-gram Xtreme Tea Brew pack and a packet of activator (included) to two gallons of water and brew for 24 hours. For established plants, apply two cups of brewed Xtreme Tea per cubic foot of soil once a week throughout all stages of growth. Xtreme Tea does nott need to be diluted, simply water and irrigate normally.
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