Wall Mounted Bottle Opener Rustic Farmhouse Cast Iron with Screws by iGraver – Set of 3

Wall Mounted Bottle Opener Rustic Farmhouse Cast Iron with Screws by iGraver - Set of 3
  • Reliable pal. Fine craft. Two optional styles. Faux rustic iron and shiny industrial alloy. Simple, strong and durable vintage bottle openers.
  • Steady Easy Use. Pry and remove bottle caps. It is easier and quicker with single hand. Why two?
  • Go as you please. Mounted on anywhere you like and make DIY openers. Outside deck, on the porch, in the garage, by the pool, equipping a beer carrier, under a bar, on a chair leg, desk leg, etc.
  • Icy bottle in hand; desperated to drink; only to find your openers are taken away by mystical oriental power AGAIN? Take 3 or 4 iGraver openers mounted in your house, and there is nothing this mystical power can do.
  • Come with screws for mounting. Suggestion: Mounted on vertical walls/woods or on where the upper part of opener is leaned out. Do not mount on slopes. Liquid spills out or sheds when bottles were opened upside down.

Looking for something? Nothing dares to stop you from taking out the damn cap and drinking lovely little waters of life from the bottle, as long as your openers will never get lost.

Tough spirit and men of iron.
Simple and robust as always.


Be full of vicissitudes. Rustic, heavy, stubbern, persistent. Jacket, cowboy hat, beard, tatoos, scars. Timber, bucksaw, felling-axe. Neighs and shouting and laughing. Alcohol, hormone, smoke. Tavens and bars. Truly Wild West.

Faux Rustic Iron: set of 3 or set of 4


Let’s go metal. Industrialized, muscular, stainless, clever. Suit, tie, oil head, new-shaved faces. Screwdriver, wrench, crowbar. Rumbling and rumbling and rumbling. Men’s perfume, aroma, sweat. Workshops and machines. New Industrial Stage.

Shiny Industrial Alloy: set of 3 or set of 4

….

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