Prudance Creative Calibration Gardening Yard Stainless Steel Trowel Shovel Spade 11″

Prudance Creative Calibration Gardening Yard Stainless Steel Trowel Shovel Spade 11
  • SIMPLIFY GARDENING This heavy-duty trowel has a specially designed head that can penetrate all types of soil with ease, making planting seeds and digging up weeds much easier.
  • NO MORE SORE WRISTS The 4.9-inch handle of this trowel is ergonomically designed to allow you to maintain a secure grip with less stress and strain your wrist
  • MEASURE SOIL DEPTH WHILE YOU DIG Measurement markings on the back of the shovel head let you see how deep a hole is, so you can plant seeds perfectly
  • EASY TO STORE Loop at the end lets you hang the trowel on a hook in your shed, garage or other storage area
  • PREMIUM QUALITY MATERIALS This 11-inch by 3.1-inch stainless steel trowel is constructed out of stainless steel, a metal that resists wear and tear and won’t rust or corrode

A trowel is an essential tool that no gardener can afford to be without, but not all spades are the same. If you’re looking for a mini shovel that will allow you to plant seeds, weeds and perform other tasks with ease, the Prudance Stainless Steel Garden Trowel is the one to choose!

The Prudance Stainless Steel Garden Trowel is made to greatly simplify gardening and is constructed out of the finest quality stainless steel. Suitable for planting, weeding and all other gardening tasks, our trowel is the best choice because it’s:

– TOUGHER. The unique design of the shovel head lets this trowel pierce even rocky, hard soils with ease.

– MORE COMFORTABLE TO GRIP. Our ergonomic handle reduces wrist strain, so you can garden for longer with less risk of pain.

– PERFECTLY SIZED. The garden trowel is just the right size at 11 inches in length and 3.1 inches in width with a 4.9-inch handle. It’s ideal for men, women and even kids to use and compact enough to be easily stored after use.

– MARKED WITH MEASUREMENTS. No more guessing how deep your hole is! The markings etched onto the head of this spade take the guesswork out of planting.

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