Planted Perfect Planted Perfect Pruning Shears 8″ Hardened Steel Gardening Hand Pruners

Planted Perfect Planted Perfect Pruning Shears 8
  • SHARP, SMOOTH CUTS EVERY TIME – Joel Moore Says ” This Pair Of Pruning Shears Is The Best I’ve Ever Used. I Usually Buy A New Pair Every Month Because They Dull So Easily, But Planted Perfect Shears Are As Sharp As The Day I Purchased Them.”
  • COMFORTABLE, ERGONOMIC DESIGN – Soft, Grippy Pruning Shears Perfect For Large And Small Hands Without Arthritis Aches, Calluses Or Blisters
  • DURABLE, LONG LASTING CONSTRUCTION – Feel The Forged, High Carbon Steel Difference With Upgraded With A High Strength Screw System To Prevent Loose, Imprecise Cuts.
  • EASY TO CLEAN AND SHARPEN – Minimal Moving Parts Means Easy, Low Maintenance And Cleaning. Plus A Built-in Sap Groove Keeps Pruners Sticky-free
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Are you jealous of green thumb gardeners? The secret to better yards – perfect pruning – here’s the easy way you get it. Pruning is make or break for your yard – the difference between wow and oh well. Gardeners know this – they know need reliable pruners. Our plant pruning shears are designed to do just that – precise, smooth cuts every time – season after season. Why? Because garden shears, like your garden love, should be long enjoyed. Easy, efficient garden trimmers – a beautiful garden without all the work make pruning easy and efficient while strengthening your trees, saplings and shrubs. Proven bypass pruner design cleanly slices through small to medium size branches and bushes(easily up to ⅓” dia.) For fewer plant accidents and prettier landscapes. Why Planted Perfect? Comfortably designed, easy grip handles for homeowners big and small.
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