Oregon R52 Advance Cut Saw Chain, 14″

Oregon R52 Advance Cut Saw Chain, 14
  • 14-In chain, 3/8-in pitch, 043-in gauge, 52 drive links
  • Laborite keeps your chain and guide bar oiled for less friction and longer life
  • Top-plate filing indicators make accurate sharpening easier
  • For saw sizes up to 42 cc
  • Always use micro-lite narrow kerf chain in combination with micro-lite bars

Oregon 90Px chain offers higher chain efficiency, ideal for small, low powered saws. The Micro-Lite 043″ Gauge narrow kerf cutting systems increase efficiency. They need less power from the saw than standard cutting systems. This saw chain met the kickback performance requirement of ANSI b175.1-2012 when tested according to the provision s of ANSI b175.1-2012 low-kickback saw chain meets the kickback performance requirement of CSA standard Z62.3
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