Oregon 70504/80513 5/32-Inch Chain Saw File

Oregon 70504/80513 5/32-Inch Chain Saw File
  • Swiss double-cut file design with precision cutting-tooth and fewer teeth per inch than competitive files
  • Precision centerless grind
  • Uniform file diameter and tooth height
  • Tang length is uniform; no burrs nor sharp edges
  • State-of-the-art manufacturing processes; uniform, optimum hardening, high-quality finishing, including sandblasting and demagnetizing
  • Premium-quality file
  • 5/32-inch file size
  • Returns will not be honored on this closeout item

This cutting chain saw file has fewer teeth per inch, which means filings will not be trapped. The consistent tooth height removes metal faster, more smoothly, and in more quantity than other files. This premium-quality file will stay sharper longer.
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