Nelson Contour Master Pulsating Sprinkler 50216

Nelson Contour Master Pulsating Sprinkler 50216
  • Large polymer head provides a circular spray pattern up to 86 feet in diameter
  • Adjustable to follow the outline of an irregularly shaped yard – deliver water where it is needed!
  • Large impact-resistant plastic rectangular sled with metal weight
  • Metal easy swivel coupling
  • Series connection
  • Large Rezimar head has a circular spray pattern up to 90 feet in diameter
  • Large Rezimar 10-1/2 inch diameter circular base
  • Patented, water-saving 12 position contour ring adjusts distance of spray to shape of the yard
  • Built-in automatic sprinkler speed control for even water coverage
  • Series connection; ergo metal swivel coupling

Pulsating sprinklers are known for their unique �ch-ch-ch� whirring sound. The pulsating sprinkler features an adjustable circular spray pattern covering 85 to 90 foot diameter. The Contour Master allows flexibility in water unique shaped lawns. The pulsating contour master can be custom-fit to your particular yard shape, saving you water by putting water only where water is needed.
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