Mane Brand Bamboo Boar Bristles Beard Brush and Comb Set

Mane Brand Bamboo Boar Bristles Beard Brush and Comb Set
  • KEEP YOUR BEARD SOFT, AND IN CONTROL – 100% Natural Black Boar Bristle Brushes absorb oils in your beard and distribute them evenly, keeping it soft and in control. Also distributes beard balm and oils.
  • AVOID MESSY-BEARD SYNDROME – Regular brushing keeps your beard free of crumbs, while exfoliating your face to remove any flakiness that plagues the unkempt beardsmen. Our sturdy Comb to straightens your hair for trimming to properly shape your beard and fits in your pocket
  • SAFE FOR YOUR BEARD AND THE PLANET – This Mane Brand beard grooming set is made of sustainable bamboo, a low-static material, with saw cut teeth that are rounded off to prevent damage to your beard hair. Bamboo is sturdy but flexible enough that the teeth won’t break during use like wood.
  • GET TO THE BOTTOM OF YOUR BEARD – Our comb’s tines are long enough to get to the bottom of your beard, which shallower double sided combs can’t do. The bristles on our brush are hard enough to get through your whiskers but soft enough to feel good on your face. You’ll want to brush all day.
  • MANE BRAND QUALITY GUARANTEE – If you’re ever unhappy with your brush, Contact Us for our 100% Money Back Guarantee. Please note there are hundreds of thousands of boar hairs in the brush, so it’s only natural that the brush will shed hairs for the first few uses.

You’re a Modern Beardsmen
Modern beardsmen don’t have scruffy beards with crumbs in it. They’re definitely not neckbeards.
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Beardsmen are Kempt
Modern beardsmen are in control of their beard. Anyone who thinks growing a beard saves time over shaving has obviously never taken care of a beard properly.

If you care about your appearance, grooming is essential.
Being a Modern Beardsmen takes work, and our Brush and Comb Set gives you the right tools for the job:

Mane Brand Beard Brush
4.45″” x 2.2″” x 1.25″”
• Softens beard hair by consistently distributing sebum and beard oils
• Straightens hair making natural curls & tangles turn into waves
• Keeps debris out of your beard & prevents embarrassing flakes
• Stiff enough to get through your beard but soft enough not to irritate
• 100% natural boar hair – no cheap synthetic fillers

Mane Brand Beard Comb
4.1″” x 2.1″” x 0.4″”
• Straightens your beard and makes trimming evenly with scissors or a trimmer easy
• Deep teeth get to the bottom of your beard, unlike shallow double sided combs
• Easily get tangles out of your beard and keep it neat.
• Straightens your hair without excessive pulling due to distance between combs

Beardsmen Care About The future
When you make enough small changes, you get big results. That why we chose to manufacture with Bamboo.

Bamboo grows fast, like a grass, unlike trees, so it’s one of the most sustainable materials on the planet. It’s also a superior material for a beard comb! It’s just flexible enough that it bends slightly instead of pulling your hair, but it’s rigid enough that it won’t easily break during normal use.

If you care about your appearance, grooming is essential.
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