La Crosse Alerts Mobile 926-25101-GP Wireless Monitor System Set with Dry Probe

La Crosse Alerts Mobile 926-25101-GP Wireless Monitor System Set with Dry Probe
  • Remotely monitors sensors 24/7 using a APP. Perfect for…Backyard temperature and humidity; Plants, gardens and greenhouses; Refrigerators, freezers; Food storage; Sensitive electronics; Outdoor pets and livestock; and so much more
  • Temperature and humidity measures: (1) Ambient air temperature; (2) Ambient humidity; (3) Probe temperature, Temperature range: -40°F to 140°F
  • Includes: sensor, internet gateway with LAN cable & AC adapter, DRY probe
  • Requires 2 AAA Alkaline batteries (not included)
  • Text and E-mail Alerts first 3 months FREE; 1 year subscription available after for .88 yearly (.99 per month), kindly refer the user manual given below for troubleshooting steps.

Save Money -C Prevent property damage caused by extreme temperature & humidity levels. The La Crosse Alerts™ Remote Temperature & Humidity Monitor helps you improve response time to minimize repair costs.< / p>

Includes a dry temp. probeC for an additional temperature reading. Place the dry temp. probe outside a window, or monitor temp. in a separate room, refrigerator or freezer.< / p>

24 / 7 Monitoring & Alerts -C La Crosse Alerts monitors your property & sends you early warning text & e-mail alerts if temperature or humidity levels exceed your pre-set range.*< / p>

Easy to Use -C There’s no software or mobile app. needed: View your sensor data anytime by logging into your own account with your smartphone, tablet or computer.< / p>

Package Contents:

926-25101-GP Weather Station
LAN Cable
AC Adapter
Dry Temperature Probe
….

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