JETTINGBUY 9 Pockets Vertical Wall Garden Planter, Wall-mounted Hanging Gardening Flower Container Planting Bag

JETTINGBUY 9 Pockets Vertical Wall Garden Planter, Wall-mounted Hanging Gardening Flower Container Planting Bag
  • Size: 50cm * 50cm / 19.7″ * 19.7″ , Material: Felt
  • Color: Black , Package included:1 x Vertical Wall Planting Bag
  • ECO FRIENDLY MATERIAL: felt material, Holds moisture good and allows drainage and can breathe. Resistant, Eco Friendly and Non Toxic.
  • GROWING CONDITIONS: Water Retaining Felt Material Creates Perfect Soil Condition, Use For Indoor/Outdoor
  • EASILY FIXED: Can be Easily Attach To a Fence by Zip Ties and mounted on a wall using nails with a larger heads. Or You are mounting to a wall with screws you should get washers to keep the heads of the screws from slipping through the grommets. And It is able to remove it easily.

Are you like outdoors and gardening?
Do you want a unique way of decorating an outdoor/Indoor wall?

If so, The Gardens Planter is the perfect choice for you!

The Garden Planter allowing the plants to grow into a great wall covering which can be easily removed.
The Garden Planter is manufactured from eco-friendly, non toxic material and easily mounted to any indoor or outdoor wall.
The Garden Planter is designed to provide the best growing conditions for your plants and contains strong pockets which retain high levels of water for perfect growing conditions while preventing water stagnation.
The Garden Planter is hung using strong, reinforced metal eyelets and can be stacked with other similar products to cover a large wall area.

1. Double the growing area of your patio or balcony
2. Environmentally-friendly and non-toxic
3. Soft-sided, breathable and modular-use multiple planters for a larger installation
4. Easy to use for indoor/outdoor gardening
5. Perfect for creating a bright feature wall or vertical herb garden
6. Lightweight design for easy movement and hanging
7. Great for growing herbs, flowers and vegetables at your kitchen window
8. Perfect for sprucing up your fence or deck with lush plants

How to use:
1. Simply hang on hooks and drip-line waters automatically, or by hand
2. Moisture wicks through the felt
3. Screw Planter into the fasteners
4. The front stays dry and drip free
5. Extra water drips to planter below or to a gutter to recirculat

NOTE: To avoid possible water damage, it is recommended to keep a gap from the wall, or add a water-resisting layer in between.

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