JERXUNY Hand Pruning Shear – Bypass Garden Shears, Shrub & Hedge Clippers, Tree Trimmer – Safety Lock, Sharp SK5 Steel Edge, Antiskid Handle Red

JERXUNY Hand Pruning Shear - Bypass Garden Shears, Shrub & Hedge Clippers, Tree Trimmer - Safety Lock, Sharp SK5 Steel Edge, Antiskid Handle Red
  • Product survey: Classic design pruning shears, the forehead bit is sharp, easy cutting, rotary locks are more secure, hand handle grooves prevents the pruning cutters from sticking and saves time, ergonomic gardening tool.
  • Product advantage: The best small bush trimmer, Won’t take up much of your place for easy storage. Best for cutting small branches and stems – even flowers – with spring loaded handles.
  • Using scenes: Pruning Tool are the necessary tool for any gardener, usually used bushes trimmer, hedge clippers,garden pruning and so on.
  • Operation method: The ideal trim method is in leaves above the sprout approximately 6mm place, according to 45° Angle trim. After the trim, when sprout long new thingses, plant’s overall shape easy to control, is more artistic.
  • Our services: Highest quality, guaranteed! We are so confident that you’ll love what you get, we provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee!

Product advantages:
Spring action mekes work easier.
Self-cleaning sap groove keeps the blade from sticking.
Low-friction coating helps the blade glide through wood and helps resist rust.
Ergonomic handle, more comfortable grip and more effort for easy operation.
The cushion and shock absorber soften the impact upon finishing cutting. The hand and wrist are also protected.
Not only Tackle Tree Branches, Shrubs, Hedges & Orchards, Whilst Still Precise Enough For The Most Delicate Pruning of Rose Stems, Bonsai, Ornamentals & Flowers.
Pruning shears come with a safety lock, you can lock the blades when not in use, you simply close the blades then slide the lock in place to keep them securely closed.
Made to accommodate smaller to medium size hands suitable for both men & women.
Pruning shears also easy to clean, you will have more time to enjoy your beautiful garden after trimming.

Product notes:
1. He forehead is sharp, and if you are not using it correctly, you may hurt yourself.
2. When ues or depositing, bady’s each spot should maintain a safe distance with the bit.
3. It Must be placed where children cannot attain.

Product maintenance:
If any sharp tool does not perform to maintain, can the failure. Afther each time use, soaks with one has the few oil cloth mop to fall the resin. Which on the pruning shears silts up, then spreads the pickling oil. Resin siltation in pruning shears general immediate influence its service life, do not deposit in the moist place.
If there are any issues with your product, simply contact us and we will give you a full refund.
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