Gardening Guides Poster for Edible Plants, Herbs, Flowers, Trees & Shrubs – 24″x18″ Rolled paper 2016

Gardening Guides Poster for Edible Plants, Herbs, Flowers, Trees & Shrubs - 24
  • Size: 24″x18″ (rolled paper)
  • Guides to grow, Edible Pants, Herbs, Flowers, Trees, Shrubs
  • USA Planting Zones
  • Made/Printed: In USA 2017

Are you passionate about growing, harvesting, preparing and preserving food from home gardens. You can learn more with the help of these Gardening Guides. Together you can grow more than you ever thought in your own yard. Part of the enjoyment of planning your garden is choosing which seed/plant varieties you want to grow. Also, choosing varieties that work best for your local growing conditions. Taking advantage of your environment will ultimately decide the outcome of your growing experience. You can use these Gardening Guides when selecting your vegetable, herb, flower seeds or trees/shrubs. For Vegetables: Selecting the right veggies before you design your garden will help ensure you have the correct amount of room and the best growing conditions. For Herbs: Choose herbs by size, growing habits, and life expectancy. Many herbs can live as perennials and will increase in size every season thus needing adequate space to grow and receive the proper nutrition. For Flowers: Flowers can reward gardens with beauty and high pollination rates. Mixing flowers in with your vegetable garden will increase yield potentials. Also choosing between annuals and perennials can be hard. Annuals can be easily removed and replaced the next season while perennials will come back every season. For Trees/Shrubs When buying shrubs and trees, it is wise to prepare the area so the plants fit. Purchase shrubs and trees that will thrive with tips from our Gardening Guides. When adding new trees/shrubs or plants to your landscape it’s necessary to determine the difference between which ones will thrive in your region and which ones will not. Hardiness is key when selecting perennials. That’s where the planting zone map in our Gardening Guide comes in handy. Planting zone maps not only contain useful information, but could save you money and aggravation.
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