Garden GrabX GGX001 Super Lightweight Leaf Grabber

Garden GrabX GGX001 Super Lightweight Leaf Grabber
  • A lightweight back-saving garden pick up tool
  • Grabs piles of leaves; pine needles and garden clippings with ease
  • Absolutely NO BENDING; pulling or awkward lifting required
  • It even stands up when you put it down
  • Specially designed plastic rake heads on aluminum handles

Whether you need to pick up a pile of leaves, pine needles or a bunch of garden clippings, Garden GrabX was designed to save your back from all of the painful, repetitive bending involved in cleaning up your garden. Just rake your garden debris into a pile and use Garden GrabX to pick it up and put it where you want it all while maintaining a natural posture. It’s that simple. It stands up between uses so you won’t even have to bend down to pick it up.
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