Clear-Ad – LHE-46 – Acrylic 3-Sided Table Tent Menu Holder 4×6 (Pack of 40)

Clear-Ad - LHE-46 - Acrylic 3-Sided Table Tent Menu Holder 4x6 (Pack of 40)
  • CLEAR PLASTIC STAND: LHE-46 is yet another addition to Clear-Ad’s range of acrylic office products. The three sided tent style display stand is made with clear plastic with excellent visibility. The triangular tower shaped stand is designed for counter and table tops.
  • UNBREAKABLE MENU HOLDER: The menu holder is constructed with thick and clear as glass premium acrylic plastic sheet that look and feel exactly like glass but is unbreakable and lasts much longer than glass. There are no imperfections or distortions to affect visibility.
  • STURDY TABLE TOP DISPLAY STAND: The display case is designed to stand on table and counter tops. The triangular design affords great visibility of your advertisement and can be firmly placed on any flat surface without toppling over.
  • LARGE PHOTO FRAME: The table tent can be used to display large photographs, advertisements, menus, information or notices. They are ideal for homes, offices, restaurants, canteens, schools, etc. The equilateral prism shape affords maximum viewing with minimum effort. It can be used in both portrait and landscape format.
  • SINGLE SHEET CONSTRUCTION: Each LHE-46 is made with a single sheet of premium grade acrylic. The sheet is laser cut and heat bonded to shape into the desired shape. The three sided display stand is open at the bottom and along the sides to insert the pamphlet.

Give Your Messages a Clear Advantage

Clear-Ad is known for its clear acrylic office and business products. The LHE-46 is another premium product in its clear acrylic range of products which include all kinds of office products, stands and display sleeves for promotional material. The three sided display stand is ideal to be placed on flat surfaces and can be viewed easily from all the sides. Keep your promotional material safe and clearly visible.

Large Size Promotional Material Sleeve

LHE-46 can hold 4 x 6 inch sheet on each of its size. Any flyer, postcard, or any other promotional material of that size can be displayed with this stand. Each of the three sides have separate sleeves which provide you with the opportunity of displaying three different messages as one time.

Premium Construction

Each table tent is created with premium grade acrylic sheets. Each sheet is precision cut and heat molded and bonded to create a strong and sturdy product that is designed to give you years of great service. Each stand is created from a single sheet and is thus very strong and durable. The acrylic is clear affording great visibility and is very tough. It will not break or crack if it falls. Each side contains a pamphlet sleeve that is open around the sides and at the bottom. The display sheet can be loaded from the bottom and stays in place wedged between the precision molded surfaces of the sleeve.

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