Be-1 Organic Fertilizer Pellets with Amino Acids Biostimulant, 2.2 lb (1 kg)

Be-1 Organic Fertilizer Pellets with Amino Acids Biostimulant, 2.2 lb (1 kg)
  • AWAKEN YOUR SOIL! All-purpose 100% natural organic 3-6-5 NPK (+1.57% calcium) fertilizer and biostimulant.
  • Organic Credentials: 1) OMRI-listed, 2) Clean Green Certified, 3) California (CDFA) registered Organic Input
  • Fortified with concentrated amino acids formulated to promote exponential increases in beneficial microorganisms
  • Ideal as for top dressing, compost tea, amendment, conditioner, compost & bokashi accelerator
  • Made from *sustainably-harvested* Amino Acids, Bat Guano, Crab & Shrimp Shell, Sesame, Palm Ash, Peanut, Rice Bran. Wild-sourced and GMO-free.

All-purpose and easy-to-use, yet powerful. There are a variety of ways to incorporate Be-1 pellets into your feeding regimen. Our nutrients feed your plant and our proprietary blend of amino acids exponentially increase your beneficial microorganisms.

Whether you prefer dry or liquid, here are application options that will help you get exceptional results. For detailed application rates, see above images.

1. Dry Applications

Monthly Booster
Microbes and plants need monthly boosts of amino acids and nutrients, especially during the most intensive growth phases. Simply Top-dress or better yet scratch pellets into soil.
Hint: The pellets have little odor, making Be-1 perfect for feeding indoor houseplants too.
[2.2 lb (1 kg) bag boosts 100 – 200 sq ft.]

Soil Amendment and Soil-Conditioner
Jump start your beneficial microbes in the root zone and improve soil structure.
[2.2 lb (1 kg) bag amends 25 to 50 gal of soil (0.25 yards) or 3-6 cubic feet.]

Compost / Bokashi Starter and Accelerator
Increase microbes that aid in breaking down organic matter faster and transform nutrients into plant-absorbable form.
[2.2 lb (1 kg) bag of pellets treats 1 CUBIC YARD]
-or- [1/3 TBSP per GAL of compost/Bokashi]

2. Liquid Applications
Be-1 Pellets are water-soluble, resulting in quicker and greater efficiency for feeding.

Solubilize in Water.
Easy to mix in water for simultaneous watering and feeding.
Makes 13-22 gallons.

Compost Tea
Add Be-1 to give biology in your tea a population boost. Be-1 Pellets are also complementary to many other inputs used in teas.
Makes 100 gallons.

Foliar Feed
A great way to add nutrients with near immediate benefit.
Makes 100 gallons.

3. Aggressive Growth Applications
See images
….

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