Aspectek Beehive Smoker (29X21.5cm) beekeeping equipment Stainless Steel with Heat Shield Protection

Aspectek Beehive Smoker (29X21.5cm) beekeeping equipment Stainless Steel with Heat Shield Protection
  • EFFECTIVE DESIGN : removable fire base plate and high quality durable vinyl bellows make superior air flow to grow smoke efficiently
  • COMMERCIAL GRADE QUALITY : made of heavy duty stainless steel with heat shield protection. Mounting hook and safe hook on the top will prevent you from burnings. Definitely meet proffessional beekeepers’ requirements not only for hobby beekeepers
  • PROTECT YOURSELF : Aspectek Bee Hive Smoker help bees to calm down so that you can protect yourself from stings while gardening, lawn maintenance and of course beehive maintenance
  • HOW TO WORK : When the smoke enters the hive, bee begin to store their honey in their body as much as possible. Once they’re full, they’re less apt to sting
  • ADDITIONAL TIPS : Recommend you to smoke between middle of the morning and the middle of the afternoon as bees are more likely to search for pollen and they’re not around the hive. Also approaching the hive from the rear or sides would be better

Why choose The GardenHOME Bee Hive Smoker?

– New redesigned beehive smoker with wider and durable botton made from stainless steel.
– Protective heat shield (Protective guard around smoker) and hook on the top prevent you to burn from a hot surface.
– Mounting hook on the front side of heatshield for mounting.
– Perforated removable fire base plate provides air pocket at bottom of smoker to ensure good air flow.
– Contains bellows made from leather.

– 1 GardenHOME Bee Hive Smoker

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GardenHOME is a Canadian brand trusted for lawn, patio and garden products designed with quality and affordability in mind.
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