3-Pack Reusable Gardening Bags, Garden Yard Lawn Leaf Waste Bags, Multi-Use Large Storage Containers, Collapsible 62 Gallon, 28 Gallon, 14 Gallon Set

3-Pack Reusable Gardening Bags, Garden Yard Lawn Leaf Waste Bags, Multi-Use Large Storage Containers, Collapsible 62 Gallon, 28 Gallon, 14 Gallon Set
  • 3 SIZE SET provides options for handling a wider variety of yard, lawn & garden debris clean-up tasks; 14-gallon (15″x15″x15″) 28-gallon (19″x19″x19″) 62-gallon (25″x25″x25″)
  • DURABLE POLYPROPYLENE (PP) material is resistant to tearing & won’t degrade when wet; reinforced edge binding sewn at the seams to enhance support; folds to free up space when not in use
  • WIDE OPENING square design for containing brush, sticks, leaves; pruning from bushes & shrubs; 14-gal size is easier than using a bulky bucket for collecting weeds, spent blooms & plant trimmings
  • REINFORCED STITCHING with additional polypropylene material sewn inside to fortify all 4 bag handles; upper & lower handle placement for easy tipping & dumping
  • FLEXIBLE STORAGE CONTAINERS offering multipurpose use; large storage bag; toys or sports equipment bin, cabin totes, warehouse shopping, hauling camping gear, garage storage; recycling container

Your To-Do List Is in The Bag

Wildflower Tools Reusable Yard Waste Bags make easy work of handling lawn and garden debris. These space saving bags are easy to store at home or in your vehicle and unfold in seconds, giving you quick on the go reusable containers. The 62-gallon square bag has a large wide opening that lets you quickly and easily empty your lawn mower bag contents & leaves. The 28-gallon bag can also be used for collecting leaves, sticks, brush, bushes & shrub trimmings and garden refuse. Easily transport the bags to your composting site for disposal. You’ll save with a reusable bag and protect the environment season after season.

Designed For Long Lasting Durability

Made of tear resistant woven Polypropylene (PP) allowing you to collect lawn and garden debris without puncturing the bag. PP is water resistant and will not deteriorate from moisture. Reinforced stitching including added PP material sewn inside to reinforce all 4 handles and binding sewn at the seams increase the durability of our bag set.

Ideal Multi-Use Containers

Multi-size bag set to provide you with options. Use the smaller size for a lightweight garden debris tote that easily moves with you while your pruning plants and flowers and handling day-to-day gardening clean-up; also handy for household shopping and the farmer’s market. Use the medium bag to store toys or as a team soccer ball holder and the large bag for seasonal fall and spring lawn cleaning, landscaping tasks or packing away patio and deck furniture cushions. We are confident in our product’s convenience and durability and offer a 100% Money-Back Guarantee if you’re not completely satisfied.

Get a Handle on All of Your Outdoor Clean Up & Gardening Tasks

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